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This Is Football - “BELIEF”

Amazon Prime - Worldwide Release (August 2019).

Watch on Amazon Prime here: THIS IS FOOTBALL - BELIEF

Production Company: October Films / Brutal Media

Directed and Produced by Sarah Hamilton

Co-director: David Belton Editor: Ben Stark DOP: Simona Susnea

Documentary about the rise of women’s football, through the story of two extraordinary teams.

Synopsis: In 2011, an earthquake and tsunami killed 16,000 people in Japan. A country was in mourning and in need of a light at the end of the tunnel. A flicker of belief would come from the unlikeliest of heroes. This film tells the story of the Japanese women's football team and their remarkable World Cup triumph just 3 months after the disaster. But this episode also charts the spread of the women's game and how football conquered America in 1999. With incredible access to key members of the victorious Japanese and American teams from these World Cups, the film reveals the tumultuous journeys these women took to succeed at the highest level of the sport. In an unprecedented portrait of the women's game, 'Belief' examines the obstacles, prejudices and unwavering faith needed by these women to not only inspire future generations of sports-women, but also win the admiration of the watching world.

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