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Clothes To Die For

BBC Two - UK/ SVT - Sweden

Film Website: Clothes To Die For

Recipient of a Fledgling Fund grant for educational screenings and outreach in the USA. Educational Distribution - Kanopy

Documentary about the global fashion business and the worst industrial disaster of the 21st Century - the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building in Bangladesh.

Production Company: Quicksilver Media

Produced by Sarah Hamilton. Directed by Zara Hayes. Executive Producer: Eamonn Matthews

Nominated - One World Media Award 2015 

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Blunt and Brilliant
— The Daily Telegraph
This documentary is so good. It is not just saying: boo, sweatshops. It unpicks a horrific event, looking at everything that conspired to make it happen (turns out I – maybe you too – didn’t know the half of it). It’s not overly worthy, or preachy, or sentimental. But nor does it let you forget that it’s a desperately sad story about people.
— The Guardian
It is not a straightforward story of good and evil. It’s a harrowing film about a dreadful event. It is also one of those rare films that might genuinely make a difference to thousands of lives.
— The Sunday Times
It’s easy to misery-surf when news of a tragedy breaks. We feel bad whilst the news is on, think ‘isn’t that terrible’ and then, inexorably, life goes on. Put a human face on a tragedy and it’s tougher to shake it off and move on. Clothes to Die For was a timely wake up call. Understated yet powerful.
— Metro