Against The Law

Opening Night Gala Film BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival 2017

Official selection FRAMELINE: San Francisco International LGBTQ Film Festival 2017

UK broadcast BBC Two (July 2017).

Innovative hybrid feature length drama/documentary following the true story of gay journalist Peter Wildeblood, whose illicit love affair with another man was one of the turning points in the path to the legalisation of homosexuality in the UK.  Powerful and moving documentary testimony from men who lived and loved through a time when being gay was illegal in the UK, intercuts with the drama.

Production Company: BBC Studios

Documentary Producer: Sarah Hamilton. Director: Fergus O’Brien. Executive Producer: Aysha Rafaele

BAFTA Nominated - Best Single Drama 2018

Broadcast Awards Nomination - Best Single Drama 2018.

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This one-off brilliantly melds drama and documentary to tell the story of the only openly gay man to testify before the Wolfenden Committee in 1955, as well as capturing the fear and shame that once surrounded homosexuality.

Where the film truly succeeds is in its drawing together of past and present, drama and documentary. Many have told stories in this way before, but the results often end up feeling like two separate films, competing for screen time. This doesn’t. The warmth, wit and often disarming honesty of those interviewed draws you closer to the story, elevating what would otherwise be a very well-made period drama.... There is a unison to the finished thing that I have not seen before.

Work like this doesn’t come along every day. Against the Law stands as a brilliant, important, must-see piece of television.
— The Guardian